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Friday, April 24, 2009

Online Shopping

Some of the best deals online come from one using coupon codes or promo codes. May people don't realize that virtually any common website you shop online has a promo code you can enter for extra savings. A lot of these codes you can Google by typing in the stores name+ codes.

There are also website set up for these codes so that you can just search the store's name and it will gather and list all current codes and users reviews as to whether the codes work or not!

Most popular sites are:





  1. I saved a ton of money during Christmas using promo codes with online coupons for places that I bought from. At the end of a purchase it would ask for a promo code and/or coupon and all I had to do was look on the sam website and boom there they are. On one purchase at a golfstore I saved 35 buxs because of the promo was 50% off the total.

  2. Yup its awesome to find great online prices then a great online code