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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Internet Coupons and Store's Policies

Please find below a link to each store's internet coupon policy. Honestly, I love to carry these around in a folder in my car because some stores like WalMart and others like to say they don't take internet coupons.




Walgreens- offers them on their website so.. I'm guessing yes... I've never had an issue

Rite-Aid- only use the coupons they link on their website

CVS- Yes, they do not post their policy bt yes as look as it looks legit with proper codes

Also, here is some coupon lingo you may see on other sites and wonder, "what does that mean?"

BOGO = Buy One Get One
BOGOF = Buy One Get One Free
MQ = Manufacturer’s Coupon
Store Coupon = has name of store printed next to the date instead of MQ
SS= Sunday Newspaper Coupons
Stacking = Store Coupon + MQ for same item
Blinkie = Coupons that come out of little machines in the grocery isles
Peelie = Coupons attached to an item that can be peeled off for immediate use
Display = Pads of coupons in a display
Wine Tag = Coupons that have been put over the item similar to a wine bottle
Catalinas = Coupons that print out at the Cash Register

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  1. Hi,

    Your target information is incorrect. Target not only accepts internet coupons, they offer their own store coupons via their website which can be stacked with a manufacturers coupon. You can email corporate in regards to this policy.