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Thursday, April 23, 2009

How to get more coupons cheap!

Since Kmart is doubling high dollar coupons, I decided that my husband's razor cost a ton of money so to save on those, I went on EBay and purchased 20 B1G1 Schick razor coupons for $.99. Since the coupons are doubled I am getting 40 packs for free (if I can find 40! I found about 20 at my local Kmart but I can go look in another location tonight) I narrowed down my search to find sellers in my 200 mile radius so that even if I ordered on Wed, the coupons would one take a day or two at most to get to me

EBay works great for coupons when you can find what you need Sunday or Monday. And it's even better when the seller is in a near by town so shipping is overnight!

Even if there isn't a deal going on everywhere, we all have brands that we buy no matter what the price or if there is a sale or not. My weakness is Riceworks Chips. A bag every three days. So addicting!

I went on EBay, got 10 coupons B1G1 and another 10 for $1 off every bag. Therefore I am saving $1 dollar on every two bags and one of them is free!

Total price for coupons: $3.50
Total savings on 20 bags (about two months worth): $26.6 (the free bag)+ $10 off every bag purchased (free one doesn't allow another coupon at Walmart)=$36.6 in savings!

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